Nuclear Field Service

RSO SERVICES, INC. provides the full cycle of radiation services to meet your local, state and federal regulations.  Our employees have been servicing all brands of nuclear process instrumentation for over 35 years primarily in the Southeastern United States.  We do, however, provide services all over North America.

The full cycle of radiation services include:

  • Engineering and process application consultation
  • Radiation Safety Officer Training for Fixed Gauges, X-Ray Systems and more
  • Radiometric applications: continuous level, point level, density, screw feeder weighing, belt scale weighing, moisture, solids flow, mass flow
  • Retrofits and source life-expectancy reviews
  • Optimizing radiometric process equipment
  • State and NRC licensing review and application processing
  • Obtain competitive bids from approved leading manufacturers
  • Purchase and schedule deliveries (an RSO must be on-site to accept delivery)
  • On-site inspection, wipe test, shutter test, survey test, inventory check, safety review, source lock-down and final acceptance of delivered sources
  • Installation supervision, instrument calibration and safety check of purchased equipment
  • Annual wipe test, shutter test and survey test as written per the plant’s license
  • On-site troubleshooting and repair of shutters and source holders
  • Relocating or transporting of nuclear sources per NRC, DOT and OSHA latest standards
  • Source holder decommissioning and disposals
  • General License testing and necessary mandatory paperwork
  • Expertise on: Berthold, BSI, Kay Ray, Ohmart-Vega, Ronan, TN (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Measurex/Honeywell scanners and more
  • Expertise on: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray sources
  • RSO SERVICES, Inc. is available for emergencies 24/7
  • Also, expert knowledge in the latest noncontact ultrasonic, radar and microwave process instrumentation

We have successfully serviced customers since 1967 on all types of Radioactive Process Instrumentation with expert knowledge in the leading manufacturer’s equipment.   We have information about belt scales, density, level, scanners, back scatters and specials to help solve your process needs.